This stylish London wedding is still up there as one of my favourites, when Chloe and Charlie booked me I was so happy!

The couple got ready at The Andez Hotel on Liverpool Street, in rooms right next door to each other, great opportunity to get bride and groom prep shots! When I got to the bride I saw the most beautiful Hermione de Paula dress hanging up, personalised with the couples initials and wedding date!

Chloe and Charlie were so laid back and were not a massive fan of super posey shots, I was just there to capture those all important natural moments - which suited my style completely! Once the glad rags were on the bride and her maids walked to the venue, chanting along the way!!

Devonshire Terrace is a hidden beauty, tucked away in the middle of the city covered with a clear roof, which was perfect considering the typical rainy English weather on the day and gave the perfect lighting for their outdoor looking ceremony - which was simply stunning! After the couple were finally hitched they were showered with so much confetti it looked like it was snowing!

After all the formalities the couple just wanted to have a good time, and a good drink!! I left the wedding to the bride singing and dancing on the chairs - I knew it would be a good night!

More London weddings are definitely on my bucket list!


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